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Irie and Haze

Pre-Order KEIKI Hawaiian Barbie Hoodie

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PRE-ORDER Hawaiian Barbie Hoodies

This is a pre-order, to secure yours when it gets here in May. Hoodies will be shipped out May 27th.

Material: Cotton/Polyester blend with Fleece lining & puff logo.

keiki sizing:

Size.         length.         shoulder.         chest.         sleeve length

XS.              42cm.         33.5cm.           69cm.              34cm
S.                50cm.         38.5cm.           79cm.               42cm
M.               58cm.          43.5cm.          89cm.               50cm
L.                62cm.          46.5cm.           94cm.              54cm

please use the above sizing chart to determine the best size that will fit your keiki.