How irieandhaze started

How irieandhaze started

(avoid reading if you don't like "swear words")

So straight to it: Growing up in Pāhoa, Hawai`i I came from humble beginnings aka we was poor lol. But we didn't know it, because we was rich with love and family. I remember wanting things that were just too expensive, but my parents would find a way to either get something similar to it or tease me with something "that could be like it" (insert cry laugh emoji) lol. Every where we went I thought something looked nice, and I wanted it; my mom would look at it and say "I can make that!" most times she wouldn't but when she did, she did it beautifully. From flower arrangements, prom/wedding bouquets, to baking and sewing; she seriously "can make that!" lol.

Fast forward 25 years, the year is 2013 and I have a daughter of my own. she's turning 1 and yep, here I am saying "I Can MAKE that!" to everything I see!! lmfao! omg I can't. fckn a!! anyways I made everything...from the invitations to the decorations and favors. 

Add THREE years and a daughter: its 2016 and Haze is turning 1!! I'm make everything again, this time it has to be more EXTRA lol. I start helping others with their parties and actually like it but I didn't want to turn it into a business despite what everyone used to tell me.

Why it took me so long to take the plunge:

Ive always been one that found it strange to accept money, even if you're paying me for something I did for you. I feel like I'm always overcharging for things and I also have a fear of producing something that someone does not like. I do value my time but I do not want to overcharge for it. Another reason is I don't like dealing with people that I don't know lol fckn strange right? "how do you expect to start a business if you don't like people?!" lol I don't fckn know but I read this quote that said I needed to be uncomfortable in order to grow. So here I am, growing and shit. Help me help you lol.

2022, my website is up and my business is legit. Im still learning everything I need to be successful but I do have plans of expanding products, and having wholesaling options as well as customizable services. As of now, weʻre going to be crawling before we run so what you see on the website is what is available. Mahalo Nui for all your support and continued support.