stickers.....but like Gourmet kine.

stickers.....but like Gourmet kine.

gour·met /ˌɡôrˈmā,ˌɡo͝orˈmā/noun

a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate.

Gourmet Stickers?


Some may say that art feeds the soul. Art can spark emotions from sadness to joy. I strive to spark that nostalgic feeling of when we were "younger" (insert cry laugh emoji, im 34), and also the humor of Hawai`i.


The best of the best….

At Irie and Haze everything you see here are original pictures and drawings that take upwards of 2 hours to complete. Every sticker is printed, overlayed and cut in Pāhoa, Hawai`i by one Hawaiian. The sticker paper used is waterproof and have maximum strength adhesion. When itʻs packaged, I use rigid mailers and or bubble mailers to protect your purchase and then I send it off with a hope and a prayer that it doesn’t get damaged or lost before it gets to you. 

Printed vinyl stickers should last over a year with proper care and placement. decals can last over 3 years and can withstand the elements of the outdoors. I pride myself on details, and that is what I serve on the daily. I hardly drag and drop colors, I color and shade to achieve a realistic look. I use an Epson eco tank 8550 which provides crisp clear detailed prints and that was a pretty penny too.

I use sticker paper and weatherproof paper, along with an assortment of overlays of clear, holographic and matte to extend sticker life.

Cut the check….

What does it take to make 1 sticker and get it to you? Electricity, electronics, ink, special paper, overlays, shipping materials, gas, quality control, and time.

Inflation is real, and time is precious & moves Fucken fast when you have children to gauge it by. So when you decide to pull the trigger and buy that $7.00-$10 sticker; just know youʻre buying a piece of art that took upwards of 2 hours to draw and another hour to print and cut. Sometimes life gets in the way and whats suppose to be a 3 hour job, turns into an all day project. But we fckn imua and get shit done=)

Mahalo Nui to everyone who continue to support Irie and Haze, we cant begin to describe how much we appreciate you all.